Heather Brown

Heather BrownHeather has worked in all branches of management development, from consultancy, programme design and delivery to coaching and support of individuals.

Her present and recent assignments include designing and facilitating team effectiveness and change management workshops and university course modules, designing and project managing professional training and accreditation, talent and career management and executive coaching.

Heather graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in French and English, and, after working in France and Germany, completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and taught in Further and Tertiary Education. After moving to work in outdoor management development in Australia, she became an instructional designer and later a Senior Internal Consultant for the Management Development Group of Telstra (formerly Telecom Australia).

Since her return to the UK, Heather has worked with a number of consultancies, and with her own clients, on a wide variety of instructional design and capability development projects across the private, public and voluntary sectors. She has a Masters in Personal and Organisational Development from Middlesex University, and she is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. Recent assignments include:

Building organisational learning – Instructional design and facilitation of leadership modules (Southampton University MBA and Reading University Certificate in Management, also Engineering and Construction sector)

Masters course design – instructional design and facilitation of Masters in Professional Development for Buckinghamshire New University, UK

Module design and facilitation – Design of modules in Valuing Diversity for Syngenta and design and facilitation of modules in Building Effective Working Relationships, and Delegation, for KPMG.

Accreditation design and project management – managing a 7 year project to design, develop and manage a 3 level accreditation process for a professional institute (Institute for Outdoor Learning, UK)

Enhancing effective partnering – programme redesign and facilitation of workshop to build effective partnering behaviour in strategic alliances (HP)

Talent management consultancy and capability identification – role profiling talent requirements of strategic roles to meet organizational growth requirements, advising on recruitment and selection processes (wide variety of private sector organizations, UK, France)

Coaching teams for business effectiveness – helping intact teams to improve their effectiveness through identifying the impact of behaviour on business results – in higher education, telecomms and other private sector companies. She also has an ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching.