Mike Davies

Mike Davies

Mike Davies is a practicing consultant in personal, team and organisational performance since April 1997 after a long and successful career with IBM.

He is passionate about bringing humanity to the workplace – his personal journey beginning some 15 years ago, when he discovered that there are easier and better ways to approach ‘work’ that bring greater levels of success, fulfilment and enjoyment. He became an associate of The Learning Corporation soon after this date.

His leadership within IBM focused on principle-led relationships and involved him in building the vision, architecting the strategy, recruiting, developing and delivering personal effectiveness programmes, facilitating teams to adopt the new models and coaching in high-profile situations.

He left IBM to pursue a personal career inspiring and enabling businesses to adopt these philosophies. Mike’s clear understanding of business, his broad range of experiences and his ability to think outside tradition, positions him as an inspirational leader with the credentials to earn respect at all levels and influence others to be creative, innovative and effective, and help people and businesses become the best they can be.

As a consultant, he has been in front of thousands of individuals from hundreds of organisations and has built a huge depth of knowledge and a wealth of stories that complement the theories and philosophies he believes in and lives, with enthusiasm and passion.

His competency extends across the whole spectrum of personal and organisational performance, working with individuals, teams, managers and leaders in all kinds of businesses, recognising the challenges all businesses face: how to stimulate people to give their best, utilise their skills and improve the ‘bottom line’.

He is courageous in his delivery and is always keen to stretch people’s thinking to give them new perspectives on life and work, challenging their status-quo to grow new possibilities for effectiveness, performance and advancement.


In other parts of his full life, Mike is an avid woodworker and DIY enthusiast. He also manages to fit in a great deal of skiing, and much energetic socialising!