Coaching - abstract color text on whiteWe believe passionately in the effectiveness of Coaching.  Our extensive experience of 5000+ hours of coaching, and a strong interest in developing effective Leaders and Managers for the modern world, enable us to offer flexible approaches to individual and team coaching, from single focussed sessions through a series lasting several months. Always the focus is on effectiveness, highlighting current -vs- future performance needs. Popular areas for exploration are:

  • clarity about team or individual vision / purpose
  • understanding identity, skills and capabilities
  • enhancing employee engagement
  • definition and attainment of high performance
  • leading in a fast changing world
  • generating innovation and creativity
  • dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • dealing with information overload, time pressures, fatigue and stress
  • creating a life in balance
  • coaching skills training


Above all our approach is practical.  We aim to raise awareness in teams and individuals.  We encourage people to quickly generate enhanced ways of working and living with outcomes focused on fulfilment and success.

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