Best tips when Coaching for Change

How to Coach Change – tips for coaches

A big agenda item for managers / leaders across all sectors. Here’s some practical tips for being effective, as coaches, in our support of managers leading change; and I’m sure there are many more to add!

When coaching change let’s support managers to:

  • Be confident in their abilities – they do amazing things already, it mightr help to remind them!
  • Have clear and positive view of progress so far – it’s easy for busy managers to lose site of positive progress
  • Trust in their innate skills and abilities – it’s why they are where they are
  • Ask “What would make things ‘Even Better?’”
  • Deflect negative energy into something more positive or into their ‘zone / circle of control’
  • Drive conversations down to what are the real and important challenges – find common ground, challenge positively and build back up
  • Watch out for suggestions / plans that, “throw the baby out with the bath water!” – a lot of what’s happening right now is working and worth taking with you!
  • Emphasise the ‘real world’ view – as distinct from myth, fantasy, stories or misunderstandings in the organisation.
  • Challenge the validity of stories and assumptions about change.
  • Encourage awareness of the customer viewpoint, (and the customer’s customer!)
  • Include the employee viewpoint in conversations, they are essential to making change work.
  • Use a coaching style themselves
  • Be aware of the point of diminishing returns, don’t change for the sake of it.
  • Focus on the principle or the ‘Why change?’ – the high level reason for change
  • Focus and refocus on what’s important for people – be relentless in this respect
  • Status Quo is NOT an option
  • Be aware that Leading the organisation is different, (to managing)
  • Ensure people are aligned with the reasons and the substance of the change
  • Be an inspiration to others in the context of the change.
  • Listen to the opinions of their employees, and include their ideas in the change initiative
  • Create dialogue everywhere and above all encourage managers to support each other – meet – talk – coach – interact – share ideas – network!

Coaching Change, and seeing the direct positive results that change can have for individuals, teams and organisations is very rewarding as a coach.



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