Coaching using the ‘Logical Levels’

It’s useful to have the levels played out on the floor representing a ladder

Logical Levels

Walking the Levels

Going up the levels from environment – NOT trying to problem solve, intention is to gather information about now – present tense questions

What is the question?  (Use an open one) e.g. “What would make us an even more effective team?”  “How can I improve my networking ability?”

Step onto environment and face forward

What words would you use to describe the environment?  Where do you do what you do?  How is it a reflection of you?  Expand on that.

Step up to behaviour

Think about your behaviour in relation to the current situation, what are you tending to do?  What is typical behaviour?

If I was a fly on the wall, what would I notice?

How would that show in your behaviour?  (E.g. response to “less confident”)

How is that different to you usually?

Step up to skills and capabilities

You are probably using some, not all of your skills and capabilities. Which ones are you managing to use?

Where would you say you are under performing at the moment?

What skills do you have that you are not using? (Draw out and probe if needed)

Step up to values and beliefs

What do you believe about X at the moment?

What else is going on with your beliefs about the situation?

What do you believe about yourself/others?  (and the situation as a whole?)

What is important to you in all of this?

If you were able to bottle what is important to you…?

How does that make you feel? (E.g. response to “I’m the solution”)

Step up to identity

Thinking about X, how do you see yourself/the team?  How do other see / experience you?

Step up to mission and purpose

Ask what am I/we doing any of this for?  What’s the point?  What else?

Turn around

“To achieve the mission and purpose you have described” (not the original question!)

Step on to identity

How do you need to see yourself to make this happen?  What does your identity need to be to achieve your mission and purpose?

Think about X  – to be a competent and confident X, what would you change and/or build to it?

Describe the picture to me – can you make that happen in your mind?

Probe further if necessary

Onto beliefs and values

Given all of this, what is most important to you?

What are your criteria for making X happen?

What do you believe about it?

What values and beliefs do you need to have to achieve X?

Skills and capabilities

What skills and capabilities do you need to do more of?

And if you were to … etc, does that achieve?  Is that enough?

If no, what do you need to do more of?

Are there any you need to leave behind?


How does it need to change?

Anything you specifically need to do?  What would that take?

What behavioural opportunities do you have to…?

If you were to do that…?

How might your new behaviours be interpreted?


How do you need to tweak your environment to enable the above to happen? (E.g. creating more time)

How can you create that environment? How can you adjust the environment to create what you need?

Step off – what is that like?  

What insights have you gained?  How do you feel?

What have you learned about the original question?

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