Gems for a coach approach

Coaching Gems – collection of quotes about coaching from people attending training sessions that we have run, and possible source of topics for further discussion.

  • Connecting people with their inner wisdom, (before they are 85!)
  • An intuitive response to the crisis we are having in our ways of learning & knowing
  • Cultural creatives – challenging the traditional ways of knowing & learning.
  • Main learning is happening outside the education system
  • Language creates distinctions which causes us to see the world in a different way.
  • We are hooked into 1 way of explaining things, coaching supports us to see other perspectives
  • The organisation as a whole organism.
  • The whole is present in the smallest part.
  • If we don’t open ourselves to be surprised we close ourself to life.
  • Be comfortable with not knowing.
  • The most powerful questions have no answers – they are guiding lights.
  • We have created difficulties to learn. – emotions & body are part of learning.
  • We get to know stuff (conceptual learning), but not what to do.
  • King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – masterful coaches know what’s missing.
  • Align corporate strategy + people strategy to achieve results.
  • Insight – Motivation – New skills – Real world practice – Accountability.
  • Coaching helping people put training into practice.
  • Internal coaches designing & doing follow-up.
  • More about the student learning than teaching.
  • Teaching is dominated by judgement.
  • Have a clear idea of what you want.
  • Safety through lack of judgement, embracing what is and seeing possibility-readiness needs the right environment.
  • The means of moving needs to be satisfying.
  • Pure clear awareness of Current Reality
  • CHOICE – keep it with the choice maker
  • TRUST is the glue between present + future – when we are being coached
  • Learning through doing work

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