Coaching – New Horizons

New Horizons

When working with clients and / or when introducing your services to new clients it’s essential to know the benefits that will accrue.  As well as more the traditional textbook definitions of benefits I like to consider things from the perspective of  ‘creating new horizons.’  Feedback from clients consistently mentions that having time to explore, talk things out etc. is a major benefit, so it would seem that new horizons can be accessed by creating time and space for the client so that they can:


  • to themselves – in front of their coach!
  • about anything – confidentially, building on thinking, creating
  • be emotional, rant, rave, blow off steam, allow the energy to flow wher it needs.


  • away from the business, the bustle the disturbances
  • gain insights
  • make connections
  • create new questions


  • for myself
  • deal with limiting assumptions
  • create new awareness
  • access freshest thinking
  • allow new potentials to emerge


  • new realities and initiatives
  • new possibilities
  • figure out implications and consequences of decisions
  • create actions – to get momentum

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  1. Cathy Severson

    One of the things that helps me the most when I talk to a potential client is active listening. I start by saying, “What brought you to call me today?” I specialize in career issues, so people call me as a last resort. Active listening is the most important gift I give them. Letting them know I hear them and what’s going on in their lives. I think your list provides the context for the coaching experience.

  2. merrycoachmary

    I like the visual aspect of your blog as well as the content. Like Cathy, I too deeply value actively listening and I appreciate the visual clarity and simplicity of this post, Ray.

  3. Angela Goodeve

    Hi Ray, good tips! One thing that came to mind when I read the part about raving, etc. is that it is important to ensure that our Clients are not getting too caught up in their “story” or “excuses”, and stay on track on finding out what the REAL issue is, and what they REALLY want! Having said that…letting out a bit of steam once in a while never hurts, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else in the meantime! 😉

    Ang 🙂

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