Coaching for improved performance

Traditional methods of managing performance seem to be under fire.  It’s not working, the people don’t like it, managers like it even less.  So what’s another approach?

I love the concept of collecting meaningful feedback from key stakeholders, internal and external, on an ongoing basis, the ‘journal’ approach. Saw this work well many years ago where professionals were involved in multiple projects and managers were scratching their heads as to how to give meaningful annual appraisals! Now with flatter structures, more matrixed organisations and a better understanding of how to use coaching effectively we could use the journal to inform regular ‘learning dialogues’ with managers, (or colleagues!). These could be less about successes and failures, more about learning, strengths and development areas using questions like:

  • “What did you learn about your particular talents / strengths?”
  • “What didn’t work so well and why?”
  • “What might you do differently?”
  • “What do you need to be even more effective in your role?”
  • “How might you facilitate continuing success for you, your team(s) and customers / clients?”
  • “What did I do as your manager to help you succeed since we last spoke?”
  • “What did I do to get in the way of your success?”
  • “How could we support each others success in the future?”

Am I dreaming or this this really possible??

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