How to Develop Effective Working Relationships

Teamwork-people.Communication in a team.Team discussion.“Effective working relationships within and between teams are critical for improving and sustaining performance.”




Ensuring your people skills are fit for purpose

In today’s competitive environment, ‘getting the job done’ requires co-operation within teams, across different functions and between organisations. This applies equally across all sectors.

Early in their careers your people may be able to work independently and survive on their technical skills, but long-term success depends increasingly on being able to win the hearts and minds of others. All too often, these key ‘people’ skills are inadequate to meet today’s needs.

Again, while many professionals develop satisfactory working relationships with their peers within their own organisation, all too often they can be found wanting when challenged to work collaboratively with people having different working styles, values and cultures.

How we develop effective working relationships

The skills needed to develop effective working relationships, and thereby enhance personal and organisational success, can readily be defined, learned and embedded.

While many of the skills needed are generic, our focus is on developing skills that are relevant in working with organisations that may have different working styles, values and cultures.

The scope of our Developing Effective Working Relationships services covers how to e.g:

  • Build high performance rapport, trust and credibility
  • Mirror other people’s preferences in thinking, communicating and making decisions
  • Understand what motivates me – and what motivates other people
  • Develop skills in contextual listening
  • See situations from multiple points of view and generate options
  • Understand win-win thinking and outcome thinking
  • Develop strategies for persuading and influencing
  • Discover the roles that suit me best
  • Develop strategies for handling conflict
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Implement key tips for successful networking
  • Learn to enhance skills through Myers Briggs and NLP

Our services are valuable to anyone who works in a team or group. They are also highly relevant to staff working across departmental or geographical divides within organisations.


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