Unlocking Hidden Effort in your people

Doing more or differently with less is an ongoing challenge for leaders and managers.  Coaching them to unlock, or tap into, discretionary effort from their teams can be helpful and rewarding for all, ‘creating’ more resource and raising effectiveness, so we might say:

When the business environment demands that you do more or differently with less, then a coach approach to your leadership can create more and different ideas from your people as well as generate additional discretionary effort.

Ask questions which relate to how the leader / manager might use a ‘coach approach’ to:

  • Create a collaborative environment where everyone is involved and adding value
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
    • things move faster and faster, nothing stays the same.  What needs to be in place to support the generation of new ideas and their implementation? How can the team members support each other through change?  How does the leader build resilience?
  • Balance ‘Support’ and ‘Stretch’ in teams and individuals, according to their capabilities
    • demands that the leader knows the teams and the individuals sufficiently well, and has the conversations about what support is needed and what stretch is possible.
  • Ensure alignment with organisational / team purpose, identity and values
    • people need to know where they are going and why it’s important, see themselves as contributors to success, proud of what is being achieved in the chosen direction / context.

The diagram below is intended to be helpful in generating questions about how the elements are being activated and progressed.




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