A mapping the Journey of your life

Adventure decorationJourneying with your map of your Purposeful Life

Time flies by

Imagine yourself at the end of August. The summer is nearly over. Where have the first 8 months of the year gone? Time seems to fly by. Not that long ago I overheard a 22 year-old use the words, ‘It’s scary’, when referring to how quickly the last 12 months had passed. With older people time is like a two week holiday – the second half disappears faster than the first.

Having created a map of our Purposeful Life is great, but how do we enact it? Why bother? Because life’s too short to waste by not living in line with our purpose.

Our focus should be on how we spend our time more intentionally (in order to resolve our first issue with time flying by!).

“Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift,
which is why it is called the present”

Balancing time

Our uniqueness is lived out in what we are, and in what we do. Most of us have a preference for either focusing inwards (who we are) or focusing outwards (what we do). To reclaim time and live a more Purposeful Life we need to look at our balance between the two – the aim is not necessarily to balance inward and outward (it’s not a see-saw) but to understand how who we are influences what we do, and how what we do can, if we spend time reflecting, deepen our understanding of who we are. Being true to yourself is key.
What does living purposefully mean for you? How do you manage to use your time intentionally? We would love to hear from you

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