Manager as Coach or Mentor


Coaching and being coached are essential activities for 21st century business
leaders and managers. In an environment of uncertainty, intense competition
and globalisation of markets, innovation, creativity and improved performance
are vital to business success.

“People, not capital, are businesses’ most vital asset. An organisation must
innovate more and more often to meet the accelerated pace of change and its
people must develop the learning skills that serve as the basis for innovation.”
from Olalla & Echeverria ‘Management by Coaching,’ in HR Focus V73 N1.

Fostering a learning environment in a hierarchic, control-based management
framework is difficult if not impossible. Leaders must come out of their offices,
clearly declare where they want the business to go; assert strongly the values
by which the business will be done; encourage, develop and inspire the work
force; help people be the best they can be; involve them in the decision making
process and create an environment of learning, improvement and development.

Prime tools for you as a leader or manager is coaching and mentoring. It is
through these that your people will be enabled to reach their true potential for
the good of the business and themselves. Coaching and mentoring provides a
blend of thinking for oneself and learning through the experience of others.
Coaching and mentoring leads naturally to greater awareness in your people,
and to greater responsibility being taken for their own actions, and a visibly
higher level of commitment in the work force; just the environment required for
survival and success for businesses today and in the future.

We have written a booklet, downloadable from the link below which explores the role of a leader / manager as a coach &/or mentor.

Contents are as follows:

1. Introduction
2. What is coaching?
3. How does coaching and mentoring differ from other forms of support?
4. What does coaching cover?
5. What are the benefits of coaching?
6. How long does coaching take?
7. How do I set up a coaching contract?
8. What is the coach’s role during the coaching sessions?
9. Some coaching models and processes
10. What are the key attributes and skills of a coach?
11. How do I select an external coach?
12. Where can I get further information?

Download booklet here:


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