Why Does Time Matter


Why does time matter?

“Time goes you say? Ah, no!
Alas – time stays, we go”
Henry Austin Dobson

Most of us have an ambiguous relationship with time. In our fast moving society, most people feel they don’t have enough time – but can we do something about that?


There are so many demands on us. Life in colleges and in the work place is pressured. We can feel overwhelmed by the flood of information bearing down on us. And thank goodness inanimate objects can’t speak otherwise we would hear them shouting: ‘When are you going to cut the lawn, tidy the garage, clean the car, repaint the dining room?’ We can also feel guilty that we are not spending more time with family and friends or actually doing the hobbies that we list on our CVs.

Many people feel that they are spending too much time:

  • Doing – hamster wheel busy-ness
  • Living in the past/future
  • Continuously striving
  • Rushing ahead
  • Observing time flying by
  • Regarding time as an enemy
  • Being the runner-up in the rat race

And not enough time:

  • Being
  • Living in the present moment
  • Being content
  • Living a Purposeful Life
  • Gazing, savouring each minute
  • Befriending time
  • Leading life at their own pace

1. Do you think time flies by? If ‘yes’ why? If ‘no’ why not?
2. What specifically is happening within you on days when you feel you are making the most of time?
3. Can you share a practical tip, saying, prayer, poem, thought or practice that others might find helpful in slowing down time’s spinning top?

Why bother wrestling with questions like these? Because they have practical consequences for the way we live our lives. Does everyone find certain activities a drag on time, and others time enriching? Does everyone find the same activities time-dragging, or is it unique to each person? What is it that makes an activity time enriching?

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