Using movement to enhance your coaching

Why is it be useful for you and your coachee to be upon your feet?

  • Energy / Rapport
  • Demonstrate change is possible – quickly
  • Link to somatic
  • Body language more visible – helps coaching process
  • Unsticking emotional stuckness
  • Changes perspectives
  • Creating space
  • Experientially help find:
    • Disinctions
    • Detachment –vs- attachment
    • Perspectives
  • Inject play / fun element, e.g. timeline

What coaching topics would be helped with both you and your coachee on your feet?

  • For ‘stuckness’ in coachee or coach
  • When coachee is emotional – breaking the state
  • Pinpointing the physical manifestation of ‘it’
  • Responding to client’s movement and images in mind. Act it out
  • To represent goal focus / past / present / future
  • To represent different ‘positions’ e.g. opposing views
  • Constellation work

How to organise physical movement when coaching

  • Walking and coaching and stop to capture thoughts if needed
  • Stand in the place of a decision and test it (taps into intuition)
  • Move and break state
  • Stand in your power circle and act ‘as if’! Anchoring
  • Timeline – get history, walk through career … when did you feel most powerful?

How could we be more effective in the choice of venue for coaching conversations?

  • Roving – walk and talk
  • Use outdoors e.g. parks
  • Fitting the necessary state
  • Whose ‘agenda’ is the setting – make it the coachee’s choice
  • Art gallery – self-reflection and raising awareness
  • Does the client want to get away from a specific environment? E.g. being seen by colleagues
  • Coach faces out in glass walled office.

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