I love the opportunity to work with individuals and teams, supporting them to think for themselves & uncover new possibilities for their lives and businesses. I’m committed to a ‘Time to Think’ approach, https://bit.ly/2Sro5ns . I have a pragmatic approach whilst at the same time, encouraging access to high level thinking, radical ideas etc. Believe that clarity of purpose, identity & values are crucial for individuals, teams and organisations. I love to engage in building ‘social capital’ and true transparency, resulting in brilliant solutions to the seemingly unsolvable, and often unspeakable.

It’s seems clear that tomorrow’s business success demands that leaders deal with increasing complexity and ambiguity. I actively encourage leaders to explore these perspectives. I’m absolutely convinced about the strong links between exemplary leadership and a coaching approach. I’ve supported leaders to develop this approach in many contexts. e.g. change leadership, cultural transformation, performance management, organisational capability and people development. I want to continue to develop a ‘new leadership’ approach; behaviours based on vision, values, collaboration, connection, and community.

I have many years experience as a leader in a corporate context leading a large customer service team, before focusing on executive, leadership and management development as a consultant, coach / facilitator worldwide.

Some of my keywords: Mentor, Adaptive Leadership, Advisor, Facilitator, Influence, Big Picture, Vision, Pink Floyd, Empathy, Purpose, Alignment, Collaboration, Leader, Coach Approach, Family, Natural World, Values, Deepak Chopra, Connection, George Orwell, Joan Armatrading, Margaret Wheatley, Humanism, Richard Dawkins, Musical Theatre.