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‘Making Relationships Work at Work

A toolkit for getting more done with less stress

Resources that can be downloaded:

See the links below under ‘Document Name’ according to the chapter headings in the left hand column

ChapterDocument Name
1.It’s all about relationships
2. Rapport and trustMy preferred choice of words
Observing body language, choice of words and eye movements
Johari Window What makes us trust people in our team?
3. Working with different personality typesLearning Styles case study
Multiple Intelligences questionnaire
Diversity ladder
4. Mind-sets and relationships
5. Communicating from the inside out
6. Listening heart and soulPractising active listening
Tapping into creative problem solving
7. How are we going to work together?Holding the mirror
Creating shared values
8. No con, no sham influencingInfluence meeting plan
9. Motivating myself and othersThree main motivational drivers  
10. making use of my strengthsIdentifying your strengths
Case study on over-using your strengths
11. The art of good feedbackTry feedforward instead of feedback
Using the BROFF process
12. Delegating without resentmentSelecting topics to be delegated and conducting the delegation conversation
13. Working in a dispersed or virtual team
14. Handling challenging relationshipsPerceptual positioning
Mapping the quality of relationships
Preparing for a difficult conversation

Handling specific difficult situations
15. The riches of diversity
16. Stepping up to a new challengeThe stepping up toolkit
Team performance assessment
Employee engagement
Table of available resources