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This book is a practical guide, full of tips on how to unearth your unique purpose in life and enjoy a better relationship with time.

It is aimed particularly at people who:

  • Are starting to question the meaning and purpose of life and who are already sensing that time is flying by; and/or
  • Feel unfulfilled in their lives and are considering a change of career; and/or
  • Have read books on time management and still feel that time flies by, are open to explore possible solutions and want practical tips that are easy to implement and which will have long-lasting effects; or
  • Are currently out of work and want to do some ‘internal research’ to map out suitable career options.

The book will help you examine your current relationship with time, develop your own Purposeful Life action plan, overcome barriers to change, use your time more intentionally, replan your career and choose some ideas to sustain you on your journey.

Really engaging with the content of this book will offer you help to lead the life you were born to live. You could choose to ignore this opportunity, but who wants to end up as an 80 or 90 year old mumbling to yourself  ‘If only……………….. If only…………………..’?

Looking back over my life I can see that I was conditioned as a child into the belief that I had to work hard in order to get on.  In my case this conditioning was reinforced at the age of 13 when my father died and I resolved to work hard in order to create a safe gap between myself (and later my family) and poverty.  When I was in my mid twenties and earning a reasonable salary I did not ease off because others around me were also working hard.  Working hard and doing lots of things became the norm.  It’s easy to become addicted to work or rather to the emotions connected to work e.g. ‘The client was delighted with my work’, ‘I’m proud to be seen as an expert on leadership’.

It’s clear that I am not alone in being continually busy and ‘doing things.’  It is as though our whole society has been enticed to step onto a giant hamster wheel called ‘Busyness’, where it has become uncomfortable to raise questions such as ‘Where is this leading me; what’s all this in aid of; and what am I on this planet for?

What’s your experience?

I invite you to consider the questions I thought about in order to understand my own Purposeful Life:

  • What is my uniqueness and my difference that makes the difference?
  • What motivates and energises me?
  • What would my Purposeful Life look like, if it were based on my unique talents and skills and my core belief and values?
  • We need to dig deeper, to go to the centre of ourselves in order to unearth our purpose; only then can we start working to create a more purposeful, intentional life, the life we really want.

Endorsements of the book:

“Richard’s book is a superb contribution to the literature and will be of enormous benefit to everyone who wants to lead a deeper and more value-based life (and isn’t that all of us!).  Unusually he combines both wisdom and practicality with clarity.  Strongly recommended.”  Stephen Bampfylde, Director, Saxton Bampfylde, Executive Search Boutique, London.

“In Creating a Purposeful Life, Richard Fox applies the NLP approach of modelling to find the ‘differences that make a difference’ in order to live well and fully.  Richard provides models and tools for making the crucial link between time management and purpose and shows how to live the deep truth that ‘there is always enough time when you are in the present.’”  Robert Dilts, recognised internationally as one of the foremost developers, trainers and practitioners of Neuro-Lingustic Programming.

“In his book, Richard has brought to me clarity about what I have been long and silently struggling to understand in my life. I lead a happy and full life and manage my time fantastically, but I miss what I most admire about people who have made a difference to the world – ‘a strong purpose’.  This book is definitely the catalyst for me to define and live my purposeful life.”   Niriti Mehta, Head of Human Resources, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate BV.

“Richard builds on the fact that each of us is unique.  He invites us to get off the hamster wheel, identify our core talents, strengths and values and map out our own personal pathway.  Knowing that changing our habits is often difficult to achieve, he shares with us a proven six-step process for overcoming personal barriers to change and tips on how we can change our relationship with time.  A stimulating and practical handbook.”   Professor David E Gray, (deceased) University of Greenwich.

“A great workbook for life” …”It made a long flight worthwhile” … “This captures the essence of how to appreciate the value of our time and change for the better”  Dr Malcolm Parry OBE, Managing Director, Surrey Research Park.

“Richard Fox has written a timely treatise on a subject many people seldom take time to consider with any great depth — time itself and our relationship to it.  Fox has taken the time to explore how our relationship with time impacts our daily lives.  It goes beyond simple ‘time management’ techniques to the core issues that determine how we experience life.” — W. Bradford Swift, author of Spiral of Fulfilment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity and Spiritual Serenity.

“Whilst reading this book I was challenged to identify my barriers and sustainers and see how to overcome them, given insight into ‘How Long Things Take’ and how to focus more effectively, be inspired to write and most of all ‘TO BELIEVE’ my dreams are attainable.  This is a work that adds to the wisdom of Vincent Peale and Stephen Covey and I commend it to you.”  Nicky Slater: Aspiring Song and IceDanceman and former Skating Champion.

“This book on time is unique because it profoundly respects the sense of time of the reader.  Through its series of questions, which seem very simple, the book guides the reader towards the most important question: since time is limited, how should we make the best use of it?  Looking at time as an accountant would, calculating how much time we have left or to possess, shows us a balance sheet which is always on the debit side, except for stress!  Instead, this book offers an exploration of a time-space which is much wider and not based on loss and gain, where we can be and live fully and from now on.  The time spent reading this book will give you more time to live.“  Jean-Luc Monsempès, Director, Institut Repère, Paris.

“Many people, of all ages, are looking for greater meaning and purpose in their lives.  This helpful guide shows the reader how to construct their own Purposeful Life and, equally importantly, how to put it all into practice.”  Alastair Greeves, Director of Board Development, World Vision International.

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