What really makes our lives and organisations purposeful and meaningful and then how do we reallocate our time to enable us to act in a more authentic, congruent way?

My name is Richard Fox, a professionally qualified coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. I’m also the author of the book ‘Creating a Purposeful Life – How to reclaim your life, live more meaningfully and befriend time’.

Are You:

  • Starting to question the meaning and purpose of life and sensing that time is flying by; and/or
  • Feel unfulfilled in your life and perhaps considering a change of role or career; and/or
  • Currently out of work and realise the importance of carrying out some ‘internal research’ to map out suitable career options.

Although the book “Creating a Purposeful Life” has been well received and strongly recommended I do not pretend that it has all the answers.

See the video below for some of my thinking on leading a Purposeful Life


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